Spring 2018

We are now sending out a series of newsletters covering our winter’s work, all the new acquisitions in the fields of Modern Masters graphics and  Impressionists and Modern works on paper.

Two important acquisitions stand out: a 1924 drawing by Foujita, a portrait of a Franco-Japanese writer and pioneer of the cultural union of East and West, showing the full powers of depiction of the still young emigre’ artist, and, I think, the strong Modigliani influences that helped to shape and form his unique style, especially in the inscrutability of the expressions of the sitters.

The other, which we cannot illustrate here, but that you can see in its place elsewhere in this site, is a Guido Severini pencil drawing from January 1919, preparatory of an important late Cubist painting of his, now in a public collection in the Netherlands.  I have a special feeling of reverence when I look at this work here on the ground  floor of the gallery: Severini literally nearly died of starvation while in Paris during the Great War, having to rely for survival on irregular hand-outs from Picasso and a few other  friends; the end of the war, with the return of artists and collectors to Paris and the resumption of normal social and commercial life, must have felt like the end of a great trial and the start of a new dawn for the  expatriate Italian.

On a front nearer to us in space and time, we have acquired a handful of drawings and watercolours (and an interesting oil on canvas) by our beloved Mary Fedden, and a rare Cyril Power linocut from 1931, printed on an impossibly flimsy piece of tissue paper and in perfect condition, owing to it being stored away for all these years.


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