Winter 2018

We had a solid campaign of acquisitions during summer and fall, and I think it shows. I am particularly proud of our two Matisse drawings, Fleurs dans un vase, from 1942 and Etude de Nu, (1900) illustrated here. They represent the two ends of Matisse’s long, tortuous and tenacious journey towards defining the indefinable. Etdude de Nu also provided one of those welcome surprises when taken out of its old 1960’s frame and (plastic!) mount, revealing an intriguing composition verso, depicting the famous chocolate pot donated by Marquet at the end of the XIXth century and closely related to an ink drawing in the Musee Matisse at Le Cateau Cambresis.

Our game bag also boasts of two Henry Moore bronze statuettes, a little Lynn Chadwick figure, and the famous bronze head of Derain’s wife, a posthumous cast as all Derain’s bronzes but nevertheless a most iconic piece. Picasso himself had composed a head of Alice back in the Montmartre days, and it is fascinating comparing the two.

It has been a particularly intense season of acquisitions in graphics too. I would like to point out, among all of them, a highly unusual Miro’ lithograph printed on canvas, La Conversation, and a magnificent large Miro’ etching with carborundum, Le Vieil Iralndais.

Everything is hanging or standing on the shelves in the gallery, awaiting your visit.


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