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Càntic del Sol

33 etchings in colour, 36.7 x 51.6 cm, Published and printed by Editorial Gustav Gili, Barcelona 1975. Copy numbered 30 of 220 on Guarro wove (total edition was 273). Signed by Miro’ on justification page. This was a de-luxe copy, containing another suite with all etchings printed on Japan nacre’. 

The book is catalogued in depth in: Cramer, P. Joan Miro’. The illustrated books. Geneva 1989. no. 196; the individual etchings are catalogued also in the standard Miro’catalogue raisonne’: Dupin, J. Miro’ engravings. Vol. III, nos 834 to 865. The works do not follow the same sequential order, we have chosen to follow Cramer’s sequence.

Although Miro’ created the Cantic del Sol series of etching at a relatively advanced age, it is reasonable to assume that the Canticle occupied an important place in his system of thought throughout his life. It is not only that he was attracted to and conversant with Italian medieval literature, it is that the structure and content of the work resonated with his own ideas very closely. Since the beginning of his career Miro’ was attracted to the simple but introspective life of the peasants and villagers of the mountains of Catalonia, a system of thoughts and beliefs profoundly linked to nature and natural processes. The symbols themselves that he elaborated at an early stage and that would appear constantly in his works are all derived from the natural world, the sun, the moon and the stars the most prominent and the most used. He must have reflected and absorbed the message of the Canticle uninterruptedly since his childhood, and the final series of etchings dedicated to it are just the embodiment of a thought process lasting a lifetime.

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